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Andrew Hills

Andrew Hills gives 110% in his extreme adventure style hunting, done in his own personally picked spots, all close to where he lives. He will share his impressive knowledge and the scouting skills he has obtained over years of experience. Without the help of a guide or outfitter, all of the success will be on his shoulders.

His show features solid, interesting and informative hunting adventures, revealing the best of British Columbia’s back country. In addition to hunting, Andrew will also focus on promoting and teaching respect for wildlife and the environment that we all love so much. Each hunt will show how Andrew has to endure extreme highs and lows as an adventure hunter in British Columbia. Andrew pushes himself to the extreme as he heads out on 5-10 day hunts, each by foot, bike, or horse in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Tag along and find out if Andrew can keep up and find success to put meat in the freezer.

Andrew  HillsBorn and raised in the small town of Creston B.C., Andrew learned early on that he had a huge passion for hunting and fishing in the great outdoors. During elementary and high school, Andrew loved all sports. Basketball, volleyball, and track and field were Hill’s favorites until hunting slowly became bigger and bigger in his life, becoming the one sport he dedicated all his time to.

Andrew was lucky to be raised in a strong hunting family that supports his passion. As he became more serious about hunting, he became a more selective, educated hunter. Andrew also started taking truly breathtaking pictures and videos of his hunts, wanting to document each adventure as it unfolded. Every year, learning more and more is a huge driving force and Andrew can’t seem to get enough. He continues to gain more hunting knowledge to share with his viewers. 

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