Dianne grew up in a home that was fully sustainable with amazing outdoorsy hunting parents. Born in Quesnel, BC, she started experiencing hunting as a child by going on the back of a sled hunting with her father. Dianne grew up hunting, fishing, playing winter snow games, sledding, and savoring the outdoors. She adored bowhunting and was a strong believer in the challenge and mental game it takes to succeed in hunting and harvesting an animal. Her genuine love for hunting and outdoors is something Dianne has graciously passed on down to her children. Having being raised by real hunters, Dianne believes in giving all she knows to the next generations and helping as many people she can along the way. 

Watch Dianne partake in the 2nd season of Canadahunts, as she takes us through her unique skills of hunting that have been passed down from generations. Dianne is fueled with passion, and you can feel this when she shares her love for the outdoors. She tells us “my passion for life is not to buy meat from the store. We always grew a huge 1-2 acre garden, we hunted our food and shed our hearts out. I was raised on good clean food. I know I have always appreciated the lives of the animals and respected the land. I am grateful to all who let me hunt and harvest on their property. I am blessed to be a mother and be free to hunt!”


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