bryan oram

Hailing from a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Bryan’s passion for hunting and fishing runs deep as the root of the Tuckamore. Born into a long bloodline of rugged hunters and fishermen, it didn’t take long for him to acquire the “bug” once introduced to the outdoor way of life by his father at a very early age. Since then, Bryan’s spent the vast majority of his early mornings and evening “witching hours” chasing quarry across Newfoundland’s vast wilderness and ocean alike. A licensed guide himself, he’s been apart of someincredible hunting and fishing adventures, including the province’s first catch and release shark fishing charter, which he operates out of Bonavista bay. His enthusiasm for outdoor adventure, coupled with his “no quit” attitude makes him a relentless outdoor personality which is bound to entertain. Join him as he embarks on adventures that will take him into the breathtaking wild of Newfoundland and beyond. His treks will lead him in search of moose and black bear, as well as to the tumultuous North Atlantic sea in pursuit of the iconic Eider duck and sharks so big they seem to leap straight out of Newfoundland lore. Be prepared to see Newfoundland, like you’ve never seen it before!