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Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Amanda Lynn Mayhew hunts the way she was raised to by her family in Northern Ontario: without the use of game farms and outfitters. Every hunt is a challenge and adventure,  and she does it on her own, hunting on land she has hunted since she was a child. Amanda Lynn takes advantage of each situation to fill her freezer with big game. She passes on her hunting traditions to her youngest son at every opportunity.

Amanda is one of today’s most popular faces of the outdoors. Under the guidance of her parents, her passion for hunting emerged at an early age in the great Northern Ontario outdoors in Manitouwadge.

Through determination, training, outdoor skills and an energetic personality, Amanda has become a celebrity hunter. In a male-dominated field, she takes her role seriously, using it to educate women. Despite her struggles with Graves Disease, she has a tireless work ethic and devotion to her fan base. With projects such as Women of the Outdoors, Targeting the Huntress, Fytness Fanatik magazine, and the Ontario Women’s Hunting Association, she is dedicated to getting women outdoors.

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