“I grew up hunting with my father. He instilled in me a passion and respect for the outdoors and the animals in it. I learned much from his many lessons including the importance of nature, family, and friendship. As I grew older, I was fortunate enough to spend time with other amazing and influential folks who passed on their knowledge to me as well. My career took me to Northern British Columbia to work and it was there that I discovered my true calling. Through my many adventures in the wilds of B.C, I learned many lessons and continued on my path of becoming a successful outdoorsman. I also discovered that I had a passion and a talent for teaching others about the outdoors. That fact really hit home for me the first day I took my three year old son Mica hunting with me. It was then that I realized how differently we view the world as we get older. It’s so much better to see it thought the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. That is the inspiration for my NEW Canada Hunts series! And, I finally understand why my dad never wanted to leave me at home whenever he went out into the outdoors… thanks Dad!! I hope you will join me in our adventures and share in the genuine excitement that can only come from sharing the outdoors with others.

“Children are our future.”

“Start ‘Em Young”- Mark Skage