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Andrew Wysocky

Join Andrew Wysocky as he takes you on a one-of-a-kind hunting adventure across Ontario. Andrew is an expert in hunting tactics and strategy. He will be hunting black bear, wild turkey, coyotes, jack rabbit, whitetail deer, and even bow hunting for monster carp. Along the way he will discuss the details of each hunt including scouting methods, preparation, gear selection, product knowledge, stalking, and hunter etiquette. He will match his impressive experience, skill, and marksmanship against his various prey and see who comes out ahead.

Andrew’s adventures aren’t always about the animal, but also good friends and excellent meals. Join Andrew on this exciting journey as he explores the beautiful Ontario backwoods and the unique hunting environments. His outdoors man skills will be put to the ultimate test.  

Andrew’s love of target shooting began at the tender age of four when he got his first Red Rider BB gun. Since then he quickly racked up clay shooting awards and titles like the Canadian Junior Sports Clays Champion. He continues to shoot clays, winning trophy after trophy across North America. Recently, Andrew competed in the World Sporting Clay Events in Dubai.

He uses his expert marksmanship for more than hitting inanimate objects. As a kid, he would take every opportunity to go hunting with his dad out in the hills of Southern Ontario. That love of hunting, fishing, and shooting inspired by his father continues. Whether with a rifle or bow, Andrew is a life-long hunter. He hunts everything from whitetail to waterfowl. Basically, if it moves fast, he’s going to hit it. 

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