Robin Smith

With a lifetime of experience and an intense passion for the outdoors, Robin Smith is a seasoned hunter whose success is legendary in his hometown of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Trapping, hunting and fishing in the woods since he was a boy, Robin is a master rearms handler, proficient in archery, black powder, and modern rifles.

Robin is not only known for his wealth of trophy whitetail, bear, wild turkey, wild boer, coyote, and moose, but also his enthusiasm for sharing his skills and boundless knowledge with others. He takes tremendous pride in the ethical and humane harvest of all animals. For over 20 years, he has taught and mentored new hunters, helping them feed their families, from eld dressing and 

proper handling of their bounty to butchering and preparing for the table.

Sharing his admiration and respect for nature fuels his passion, or as some would say obsession! Robin’s dedication and way of life resonate through his children, who have accompanied him on countless hunts and are also active in all aspects of the harvest. It’s been a long-awaited dream to turn his passion for the wilderness into a career!

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